Construction Cookie Template

I was asked this week to make some construction themed cookies for a little mans birthday party, so as usual, I made doe-eyes at my graphic designer husband so he would agree to make me a template.

I’m willing to share, so you can download your free copy here: Cookie Shapes – Construction. To make the cookies the size I did, I printed the template at 129%.

I’m going to promote my husband a little bit here, because I don’t think anyone realizes valuable a good graphic designer and print broker really is. I’m not talking about knowing someone who is good with photoshop (ya, that would be be), but a real, legit, college graduate graphic designer. There have been SO many times over the years that I’ve had an idea, and he just made it happen. Stencils for cakes, signs, logos. I can make a sketch and have it on a t-shirt a few days later. He designs and prints my banners for shows, and in this case, he drew me a template for this construction cookie order.

Pretty much anything you can envision for your business, he’s able to design and print. You can check out his website here – if you don’t already have your own person!

He’s just the perfect partner for a crafty girl like me, and not bad to look at either ;).

For the sugar cookies, I’d love to give you my own recipe, but the truth is, I’m completely in love with this one.

For a gluten free sugar cookie recipe, check out my sisters blog here.

Some tips for these cookies; Purchase some good cutting tools. I bought mine at Michael’s with one of their occasional 40% off coupons. The brand I have here is Sweet Shop, and I really like them a lot!

I cut my batch of dough into 6 parts, and used a small fondant roller for each piece. I found that working with smaller sections helped me to keep an even thickness and it was easier to cut the shapes.

When cutting out the shapes, I didn’t cut out every little part. You’ll see that while I decorated a wrench to look like a wrench, I left the part in the middle of the opening. Same with the handles on the saw, or the dividing piece with the truck. The template is also a handy guide for your icing though, so you can see where you want to pipe your lines.

Chill your shapes before baking, to reduce spreading. Some spreading will still occur, but you don’t need to decorate all the way to the edges.

I think that’s it! If you have any questions about putting these together, feel free to message me via my facebook page. I had so much fun decorating these cookies, I kind of wish they’d ordered a few more 🙂





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