Eggless Salad

I quit eating eggs long before I became a vegan, for the simple reason that they seemed to hurt me digestively; But like a lot of people, I found eggs hard to give up and missed them. Let’s face it, that big Sunday breakfast without eggs just doesn’t feel the same, no matter how gross if feels afterward.

Is that where you’re at? Because you’re not alone. This actually happens to a lot of people. However swapping chickpeas for eggs will not only help you feel better after a meal, they’re just better for you on all levels! Rich in fibre, cholesterol free, high in plant protein… and chickpeas also release an appetite suppressing hormone called cholecystokinin, which helps you feel full longer!

Chickpea omelettes and scramble have pretty much changed my weekend breakfast game 100% for the better, but this post is all about those summertime picnic feels, not breakfast.

Egg salad sandwiches and cold potato salads may not seem the same if you don’t use a hardboiled egg or two, but I promise this Eggless Salad is creamy, salty, has a bit of chew and thanks to one special ingredient, it has that sulpheric, eggy bite as well.

Kalanamak is a himalayan black salt that has a high sulphuric content. This salt is actually used in ayurvedic medicine to aid digestive healing. Pretty great, right? You can buy it online like I did, or you can check with your local grocer in their cultural foods department. Not only is is the perfect sulphuric ingredient, it boosts an already powerfully healthy meal just that much more.

Lastly, this salad comes together in less time than it would take for you to boil some eggs, and it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks. Today I used my food processor to make this, but sometimes I mash the chickpeas with a fork. Whatever method you choose, it will still be great.

Two ways you can enjoy this salad; 1. On a sandwich and 2. Folded into a nice potato or macaroni salad. I’ve done it, and love, love, loved it every time. Now you can too.

Eggless Salad

  • 1 can (2 cups) chickpeas, rinsed and drained
  • 1/4 vegan mayo (I use Hellmans Vegan)
  • 2 tablespoons dill pickle relish
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground kala namak
  • optional: pinch of turmeric and paprika

Mash or process your chickpeas until they are creamy with some slight texture to them.

Add the mayo, kala namak, and relish, stir to combine. Taste to adjust seasoning.

Serve on sandwiches, crackers, or folded into a potato or macaroni salad. Enjoy!

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I use food to show love, I make things because it helps me connect to my inner self, and I use social media because it's how I connect to other like-minded people. My life happens between the kitchen, the craft room and the gardens. This blog is where I keep track, work it out, and share my ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts back with me!

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