About Me

(updated 11/17) Let’s see… I’m 40, I’m a cake artist, a Christian, a craft addict and a coffee snob. I love art, and music and nature… and animals and cleaning and reading and pottery.

I used to be a web programmer and market consultant, but I’m also a professional baker and cake decorator. For 5 years I worked for a little market in London, Ontario, and  while I still love this kind of work, I need variety and freedom. I started My Craft Addiction back in 2009, and opened my Etsy store in 2010. This allows me to work under one umbrella, from home or on the road, and it suits me quite well!

Of all my hobbies and obligations, my most favorite is being a wife and a mother. I was a homeschooling mama until this year when my daughter decided to try a classroom again. Now I’m spending my days catching up on life, making new things and trying out some new skills. Really, I have no idea where this road will take me!

Other random facts; I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers, 16 nieces and nephews, and my parents are absolutely amazing. We live in a small town and have pets. I feed stray cats, possums, and I think I saw a racoon out there too a while back… plus I’m an avid bird watcher all winter long. Two winters ago, a rare group of Pine Grosbeak finches was coming through my area, and I swear every single one was on my deck eating bird seed. It was amazing.

I also start rambling when I get on the topic of wildlife 😛




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