Test Results

Two weeks ago I decided tell people about some tests I was having, and since then I’ve retreated back into my world of privacy about the issue; but I started something and now it’s time to finish the update. The first procedure happened. A small marker was implanted surgically and although the procedure was moreContinue reading “Test Results”

Some Unknown Business, an Update of Sorts.

Since January, life has been a whirlwind. The cake decorator at work up and quit without notice so I’ve been back in the bakery a few evenings a week, and I’m still homeschooling during the day. It hasn’t left a lot of room for crafting and selling, but now that spring has arrived, the daysContinue reading “Some Unknown Business, an Update of Sorts.”

The Make-Ahead Meal-Plan Experiment

Earlier this month, I made this post on Facebook: At the time there seemed to be some debate as to whether or not I understood what my husband actually meant :P. It was great fun, but none-the-less I took it upon myself to really try to be more efficient with our food purchases and consumption.Continue reading “The Make-Ahead Meal-Plan Experiment”

Extra Spicy Gingersnaps

This month is shaping up to be a pretty typical January, and we’re falling into our usual winter patterns; A renovation of some kind (the kitchen this time), lots of sewing and crafting, and the odd sick day. I’ve started my annual countdown to March break (8 weeks) and have been charting weather patterns toContinue reading “Extra Spicy Gingersnaps”

$8 Pumpkin Lamp

Craft pumpkins are the perfect decoration for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving, but they are so darned expensive! I have bought a few and made floral arrangements from them, but what I’ve really wanted to do is make a festive lamp! I planned it out in my head; The jack-o-lantern face, the lighted cord attachment andContinue reading “$8 Pumpkin Lamp”

Home School is in Session

I’m probably the last woman you would expect to find homeschooling. For years I took my little one to the bus stop, smiled and waved from the sidewalk and then headed either to work (Cake decorator) or back home for a day of gardening, relaxing or socializing. I frequented spa’s, had lunch with friends andContinue reading “Home School is in Session”

How to Make a Light Box

For the past few weeks my little one has been enjoying various VBS camps at some friends churches, and she’s had such a great time! They’ve been to the water park, berry picking, the splash pad, and each morning is full of music, crafts, singing and dancing. So while she’s been having some fun andContinue reading “How to Make a Light Box”

Dark Chocolate Cake GF/DF

Years ago I read about a cake called the Boca Negra, a cake so rich and chocolaty that the literal translation is Black Mouth. The cake itself is made with loads of bittersweet chocolate, bourbon, butter and eggs and is moist and dense with a slightly fudgy texture. I wanted this cake badly, but bourbonContinue reading “Dark Chocolate Cake GF/DF”

Sweet Orange Breakfast Muffins (sf/df/gf)

The month of May has been a personal challenge for myself to go without white sugar. At first I thought it was easy – no cake or cookies, and eat sugar free jam. Honey in my coffee. It’s a no brainer, right? Until I discovered that sugar is in amost EVERYTHING. Mayonaisse. Ketchup. Spaghetti sauce,Continue reading “Sweet Orange Breakfast Muffins (sf/df/gf)”