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Due to the nature of these cakes, I’m unable to set any single price. Depending on the time and detail involved, a cake can range from $2 per serving to $7 per serving. Please be as detailed as possible and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you!

Please Note:

All food orders will be delivered, since at this time we do not allow pick ups. Delivery is included in the price of your cake and does not exceed the value of $10, unless you are living outside the Greater London Area.

Large Decorated Cookies are approximately 9″ in diameter. If you require something larger, I can most likely do that for you – we will just need to discuss flavours and servings in more detail.

4″ Single Serve Cakes are equal to about 3 cupcakes worth of cake and make the perfect special gift! At this time, I am only offering them in Vanilla, Vanilla-Spice or Chocolate. They have a set price of $20, delivery included.

Pumpkin Rolls are filled with cream cheese frosting and are approximately 8″ long. They can be written on and semi-decorated.

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