Cookie House Template

Every year, I have the grandest plans, and the best intentions. I make 3lbs of gingerbread, measure out a few dozen tiny pieces, and set about making the most amazing masterpiece you’ve ever seen. You don’t remember? That’s because that part never happens. I either forget about it in the freezer, it collapses, a crucialContinue reading “Cookie House Template”

Sugar Bush Walnut Cake II

I’m curious, how old is your oldest cookbook? I don’t know exactly how old mine is, but I remember my aunt giving it to me when I was 18, and that was… well, a while ago. The book shows its age, with brownish paper, worn print and a zillion splatters and stains within its pages,Continue reading “Sugar Bush Walnut Cake II”

Whales! (w. Stencil)

This weekend I had the opportunity to make a 1-year birthday cake, for one of the cutest baby boys on the planet. Not only was this his first birthday cake, it was actually his first CAKE. Ever. Period. A whole year on the planet, and he hadn’t experienced the world of “dessert” yet. Well, we’veContinue reading “Whales! (w. Stencil)”

DIY Sprinkles and Funfetti 

Canada Day is almost here, so I’m trying to think more “red & white” when it comes to baking. Sprinkles and funfetti are an easy and fun way to add to holiday cakes or cupcakes, except for one problem…  I think they taste gross, and I’m not alone in that.  I always figured I hadContinue reading “DIY Sprinkles and Funfetti “

Cake Decorating: Home vs. Bakery

If you’ve ever decorated a cake and loved it, took a cake decorating class, or thought about becoming an actual Cake Decorator, this blog is for you. Hopefully this will help you decide if this is a path you want to embark on, and what route you want to take! I’ve been baking cakes myContinue reading “Cake Decorating: Home vs. Bakery”

Fondant from Scratch

Dear Fondant, I’ve been working with you for about 10 years now. Overall, I’d say we’ve had a mutually beneficial relationship. You make me look good. When people praise my work, it’s you they’re really looking at, without you my work would be somewhat ordinary. I’ve learned not to test your limits, and in return…Continue reading “Fondant from Scratch”

Dark Chocolate Cake GF/DF

Years ago I read about a cake called the Boca Negra, a cake so rich and chocolaty that the literal translation is Black Mouth. The cake itself is made with loads of bittersweet chocolate, bourbon, butter and eggs and is moist and dense with a slightly fudgy texture. I wanted this cake badly, but bourbonContinue reading “Dark Chocolate Cake GF/DF”

Fondant Roses

There really is no reason for this post other than I wanted to make a visual tutorial. Fondant used to be available only to cake decorators, and only the most skilled could figure out its strange and complicated ways… but that’s really not the case anymore! Fondant can be purchased anywhere you buy cake decoratingContinue reading “Fondant Roses”

Meringue Powder vs. Tylose

This morning I prepping for my upcoming classes when I came across a blogger who asked the question, “Can meringue powder replace tylose for fondant”? That was a good question, but the decorator who answered it had replied, “not recommended”. No other explanation, and that got me thinking :). So, Tylose is a fine powderContinue reading “Meringue Powder vs. Tylose”