Chickpea Scramble

A born and raised foodie, an extreme cheese snob and homogenized milk drinker, I would never have guessed I could find satisfaction in this new lifestyle but I really have.  I may not have chosen to be a vegan, but I would definitely choose it now.  Setting my love of vegan food aside, I’ve alsoContinue reading “Chickpea Scramble”

Gluten Free / Dairy Free Brownies

Day in and day out, I watch food videos online and from the day I saw my first “Tasty” video, up until a few weeks ago, the evolution of my thoughts were as follows: I want to eat that. I think I can make that. I think I can make that video. It took meContinue reading “Gluten Free / Dairy Free Brownies”

Easiest Pasta Recipe, Ever

This homemade pasta is so hearty, takes on other flavors very well, and is really quick and simple to make! No resting time required, just throw it all in a mixer, roll it out very thin and boil. This recipe also happens to be 100% gluten free; Not because I was converting it, but simplyContinue reading “Easiest Pasta Recipe, Ever”

Gluten Free Cookies & Feelings

I’ve been homeschooling since my daughter was in grade 3, but we always knew that the day would come when she’d be ready to go back to a classroom. This past August, we were presented with the opportunity for her to attend a private school in the fall, and she could hardly contain her excitementContinue reading “Gluten Free Cookies & Feelings”

DIY Sprinkles and Funfetti 

Canada Day is almost here, so I’m trying to think more “red & white” when it comes to baking. Sprinkles and funfetti are an easy and fun way to add to holiday cakes or cupcakes, except for one problem…  I think they taste gross, and I’m not alone in that.  I always figured I hadContinue reading “DIY Sprinkles and Funfetti “

DIY Cake Mix, 3 Ways

I don’t have anything against a box of cake mix. I may not like the fact that there are ingredients I can’t pronounce listed on the box, but if I took a stand against that, I’d have to return half of my shopping cart on any given grocery day. Let’s face it, unless we liveContinue reading “DIY Cake Mix, 3 Ways”

Preparing Your DIY Cake Mix

If you’ve landed on this page by accident, you’ll need to go back and see my recipes for DIY Cake Mix, 3 Ways, first. These instructions are for Full Batches, or 6 cupcakes if you want to just make a small amount, and a 1-minute Cake in a Mug option. CAKE IN A MUG INSTRUCTIONS:Continue reading “Preparing Your DIY Cake Mix”

Homemade Instant Oatmeal 

This past week I have been sharing all kinds of things on my Facebook page related to Valentine’s Day. While I enjoy any holiday that celebrates the people I love, I have to admit I had an extra special interest in setting that particular theme, for this week. 10 years ago today (Feb. 10) IContinue reading “Homemade Instant Oatmeal “

Flourless Banana Muffins

I don’t really have a story to go with this recipe, other than this: I was making muffins and I thought, “It’s weird how many people on the internet claim to be the author of this recipe, I wonder who the real genius is?” Let’s be clear, it wasn’t me :P. But no matter whoContinue reading “Flourless Banana Muffins”

Flourless Chunky Monkey

Most of my sisters have at one time or another, brought their kids here for a few days of visiting. Greg and I are happy to the have the kids, we don’t live close to any of our nieces or nephews, so the only quality time we get with them is when their parents areContinue reading “Flourless Chunky Monkey”

DIY Microwave Popcorn

Here’s a super short tutorial for making your own microwave popcorn, without all the fat and chemicals. If you hate microwaves, maybe this isn’t for you, but if you are maybe even a little intrigued… read on! It’s easy. All you need is popcorn kernels, a brown paper bag and a measuring cup. Place 1/4Continue reading “DIY Microwave Popcorn”

Chocolate Haystacks – GF/DF

My mother is a baker, which is why most of my favourite memories involve food. For example, I remember coming down the stairs for breakfast one morning and I found racks of fresh, golden doughnuts, dripping with honey lining the counter. My mother had been at it since before dawn, and this was breakfast <3.Continue reading “Chocolate Haystacks – GF/DF”

Corn Dog’ins!

That’s the short name. The long name is “Hormone free, Antibiotic free, Preservative free, Gluten free, Dairy free, baked not fried, Corn Dog Muffins”. Or just Corn Dog’ins will do. I’m kinda crazy about these things! Corn Dogs have that whole sweet/salty thing happening, and when you can make them guilt free, they make anContinue reading “Corn Dog’ins!”

Dark Chocolate Cake GF/DF

Years ago I read about a cake called the Boca Negra, a cake so rich and chocolaty that the literal translation is Black Mouth. The cake itself is made with loads of bittersweet chocolate, bourbon, butter and eggs and is moist and dense with a slightly fudgy texture. I wanted this cake badly, but bourbonContinue reading “Dark Chocolate Cake GF/DF”

Sweet Orange Breakfast Muffins (sf/df/gf)

The month of May has been a personal challenge for myself to go without white sugar. At first I thought it was easy – no cake or cookies, and eat sugar free jam. Honey in my coffee. It’s a no brainer, right? Until I discovered that sugar is in amost EVERYTHING. Mayonaisse. Ketchup. Spaghetti sauce,Continue reading “Sweet Orange Breakfast Muffins (sf/df/gf)”

GF Meat-Filled Dumplings (For Soup)

Yes, I know this is pretty much Wonton Soup, but it’s not authentic enough for me try and sell it that way, so instead we’re going to call them Meat-filled dumplings :). They’re easy enough if you’ve tried making my GF Wontons wrappers before or have some of the dough already prepped and in theContinue reading “GF Meat-Filled Dumplings (For Soup)”

Better Than Dairy, Dairy Free Ice-cream

My daughter loves ice cream. Summer is coming, she will want ice cream. Obviously I love a challenge. So we have made dairy free ice creams before, but we had never found a substitute for the real thing. I’m talking about creamy, scoopable ice cream that you can push into a cone and enjoy underContinue reading “Better Than Dairy, Dairy Free Ice-cream”