Category: Homemade

Eggless Salad

This salad comes together in less time than it would take for you to boil some eggs, and it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks! It is creamy, salty, has a bit of chew and thanks to one special ingredient, it has that sulpheric, eggy bite as well.

Non Dairy Yogurt

If you’re trying to make a non dairy yogurt that is thick, creamy, tangy, and delicious – check out my version of this recipe by Miyoko Schinner! It’s very easy and lasts for weeks.

Vegan Raisin Pie

This year for Pi Day, I wanted to share my recipe for raisin pie on my facebook page – only to realize I have never posted it online before! Wait, what?! This is my favourite pie! Twelve years of recipes and ideas and random…

Socca (Chickpea Skillet Bread)

A popular food truck offering, this skillet bread is common in Nice, France but I had never heard of it here in Ontario, Canada. It’s also just naturally gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low carb and absolute perfection.

Love Stencil

I’m a huge fan of large, custom shaped cookies, but I don’t need more cookie cutters to fill my kitchen baskets and flood my cupboard drawers. No thank you. Instead, I make my shapes on the computer and print out my stencils. Using a…

Chickpea Scramble

A born and raised foodie, an extreme cheese snob and homogenized milk drinker, I would never have guessed I could find satisfaction in this new lifestyle but I really have.  I may not have chosen to be a vegan, but I would definitely choose…

Cookie House Template

Every year, I have the grandest plans, and the best intentions. I make 3lbs of gingerbread, measure out a few dozen tiny pieces, and set about making the most amazing masterpiece you’ve ever seen. You don’t remember? That’s because that part never happens. I…