100% Whole-Wheat Brown Bread

For the past week, we’ve enjoyed spring rains, some sunshine, and best of all, warmer weather! Around here, when spring arrives we all put on an extra layer of clothes and I throw open every window in the house. There is almost nothing more intoxicating for me than the feel of fresh air flowing throughContinue reading “100% Whole-Wheat Brown Bread”

DIY Cake Mix, 3 Ways

I don’t have anything against a box of cake mix. I may not like the fact that there are ingredients I can’t pronounce listed on the box, but if I took a stand against that, I’d have to return half of my shopping cart on any given grocery day. Let’s face it, unless we liveContinue reading “DIY Cake Mix, 3 Ways”

Homemade Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a staple in my house. No matter how much I enjoy healthy cooking, I will not mess with the ingredients of my favourite dessert recipes! Dessert is a treat, and it should be sweet, and decadent, and make you avoid the scale for about a week. I’ll do what I can toContinue reading “Homemade Brown Sugar”

Homemade Instant Oatmeal 

This past week I have been sharing all kinds of things on my Facebook page related to Valentine’s Day. While I enjoy any holiday that celebrates the people I love, I have to admit I had an extra special interest in setting that particular theme, for this week. 10 years ago today (Feb. 10) IContinue reading “Homemade Instant Oatmeal “

Cake Decorating: Home vs. Bakery

If you’ve ever decorated a cake and loved it, took a cake decorating class, or thought about becoming an actual Cake Decorator, this blog is for you. Hopefully this will help you decide if this is a path you want to embark on, and what route you want to take! I’ve been baking cakes myContinue reading “Cake Decorating: Home vs. Bakery”

Fermentation is a Thing

I think it could be easy, to make you think that the girl behind this blog is 100 years old. I could tell you stories of how my family had little money when I was growing up, so my parents reared meat rabbits and raised chickens. They grew their food on less than 1 acreContinue reading “Fermentation is a Thing”

Why I Have a Dollhouse

New Years is a great time to start something new, and unlike the year I decided to not shop on Sundays, or last years “bagless garbage system”, this years NEW thing will not effect my sweet husband in any way. Haha. Maybe. Everyone knows I have my hands in a lot of different projects, butContinue reading “Why I Have a Dollhouse”

Fabric Candycane Tutorial

I may never be one of those people who experiences a life of balance and routine. I tend to give the most attention to whatever is in front of me, and I’m easily distracted. To prove my point, I wrote that first sentence an hour ago. My daughter needed me for a second, then IContinue reading “Fabric Candycane Tutorial”

Christmas Dollies

I don’t even know what to say about this recipe. I was in the kitchen. I had cravings. It happened. But oh-my-goodness, I’m so glad it did. I love cookies and squares. And I love Christmas time. And I really love Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bars. My husband loves cookies and squares. And he also reallyContinue reading “Christmas Dollies”

Candy Cane Cookies

Every family has it’s own Christmas traditions, and in my family, they’re largely food related. Actually, every tradition in my family is largely food related… So much so, that a few years ago for Christmas, my Mom made each of us girls a book of family recipes. All the foods that make us, US, togetherContinue reading “Candy Cane Cookies”

Flourless Banana Muffins

I don’t really have a story to go with this recipe, other than this: I was making muffins and I thought, “It’s weird how many people on the internet claim to be the author of this recipe, I wonder who the real genius is?” Let’s be clear, it wasn’t me :P. But no matter whoContinue reading “Flourless Banana Muffins”

Fondant from Scratch

Dear Fondant, I’ve been working with you for about 10 years now. Overall, I’d say we’ve had a mutually beneficial relationship. You make me look good. When people praise my work, it’s you they’re really looking at, without you my work would be somewhat ordinary. I’ve learned not to test your limits, and in return…Continue reading “Fondant from Scratch”

Flourless Chunky Monkey

Most of my sisters have at one time or another, brought their kids here for a few days of visiting. Greg and I are happy to the have the kids, we don’t live close to any of our nieces or nephews, so the only quality time we get with them is when their parents areContinue reading “Flourless Chunky Monkey”

Beef & Sweet Potato Dog Food

I’d like to recap all the insanity of the past 6 months with my pets, but then you’d decide to never have them, so instead, I’m going to share this really cool idea with you :P. Let’s get to it! Yesterday I had to take my 7 year old Jack-Westie into the vet for someContinue reading “Beef & Sweet Potato Dog Food”

Mr. Rabbit Robinson

My rabbit died. Such a small little thing, not really important, and of absolutely no consequence… except that I loved him. He passed away two weeks ago on a Thursday, and he left a little, painful, rabbit sized hole in our family.He had a lot of names; Butterscotch, Detective Bunny Hopper, Bunny-Bunny, and Ribbit-Rabbit. MostlyContinue reading “Mr. Rabbit Robinson”

A Whole Summer, Smushed into One Blog.

Two days ago I noticed one, brilliantly coloured, red leaf on my sand-cherry. I don’t know it’s taking me so off guard this year, but I’m shocked each time I see a sign of autumn approaching! As usual, the cooler weather and earlier sunsets have shaken me out of fun-mode and caused me to thinkContinue reading “A Whole Summer, Smushed into One Blog.”

Test Results

Two weeks ago I decided tell people about some tests I was having, and since then I’ve retreated back into my world of privacy about the issue; but I started something and now it’s time to finish the update. The first procedure happened. A small marker was implanted surgically and although the procedure was moreContinue reading “Test Results”

Some Unknown Business, an Update of Sorts.

Since January, life has been a whirlwind. The cake decorator at work up and quit without notice so I’ve been back in the bakery a few evenings a week, and I’m still homeschooling during the day. It hasn’t left a lot of room for crafting and selling, but now that spring has arrived, the daysContinue reading “Some Unknown Business, an Update of Sorts.”

The Make-Ahead Meal-Plan Experiment

Earlier this month, I made this post on Facebook: At the time there seemed to be some debate as to whether or not I understood what my husband actually meant :P. It was great fun, but none-the-less I took it upon myself to really try to be more efficient with our food purchases and consumption.Continue reading “The Make-Ahead Meal-Plan Experiment”