Thanks for reaching out, here are a few ways to get a hold of me!
The best time to expect a response is between 4am -6am, and 4pm-6pm, but if you need a more instant response, you are always welcome to send me a text message.

Text Message: 1+226-678-2253 (CAKE)
Social Media!
Not all platforms are created equally, and I don’t use them all the same way. Check out these pages and connect with me online!
  • Official Facebook page – follow this page for shared craft ideas, recipes, and to join the current groups for Cake Decorating and Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Instagram – follow on IG to see photos of finished products and short videos for cake decorating
  • Youtube Channel – This channel is a fledgeling, but is dedicated to longer tutorials and flash-facts.
  • Snapchat: bernadette_r – Add me, because I’m still trying to figure out how to use this one. So far I use it to post behind the scenes shots.
  • Twitter – Company news, and the links to my most recent blog posts happen here.

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