Cactus Flower / Trays


These decorative trays are made from reclaimed barn trim, painted in a warm shade of oyster white and printed with lovely vintage roses.

Each tray is unique and one of a kind.
They’re perfect for holding candles, bottles of lotion or body wash, or even hanging on the wall as an accent piece.

These trays also make a lovely gift for someone special. For shipping reasons, this design is sold as a set only.

Outside measurements are:

19 x 6 inches
11.75 x 4.5 inches

Price: $35 for the set

Retro Bench Seat

This occasional bench falls into the category of bespoke furniture! The hairpin legs are authentic and reclaimed from an old coffee table. They are made from sturdy iron and add incredible weight and grace to this piece. The finish on the hairpin legs will look black, at first glance, but in the light there is a hint of deep oak colour, to balance the gold on top. The cushion is double stuffed and finished with retro leopard tapestry and burnished gold buttons, and the high square shape of the cushion really shows off those long, hairpin legs! This piece is definitely one of my favourites and I love that those legs have been given a second chance at life. It will now sit proudly as an extra seat in your family room, guest room, home office and would be perfect in front of a makeup table or vanity. Overall Height: 20 1/2″ Width of cushion: 15″ x 15″ Width at base: 21 3/4″ x 21 3/4″


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