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Hi there, welcome to my site! I’m Bernadette Robinson, the main voice behind Creatively Bee. While I wear many hats (cake decorator, designer, artist, writer), they all come together under one umbrella title of Creative Influencer.
As a creative type who embraces the way of essentialism (a complete oxymoron, I’m aware), I have sorted my professional life into three area’s:
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Mentally, I have always struggled with the very act of going on vacation. As a creative professional, my personal life and my professional life are happily interwoven. So how do creative types get the most from a vacation? Well, the ancient greeks had a good idea. Read more: Vacation for the Creative Type
Restaurants, shops, horse-drawn carriages, bicycle
Main Street, Mackinac Island, Michigan.
Winter Weddings Offer: $1.50 per serving – any design, flavour, size and covering.
I am building my portfolio for winter weddings! If you are getting married between December 1 and February 28, 2019, request a quote to hold your weekend. I have only 12 spots available.


Vendors: We are coming into full summer, which means I’m looking ahead to products for autumn and winter. Send me your submissions at as soon as you have them, so we can arrange pickup and promotions.